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System Elite Releases Smart IoT SoC Technology Platform

A Customizable Dual Core System-On-Chip (SoC) Architecture with Bluetooth & WiFi Enables the Smart IoT Applications with Shorter Development Time and Less NRE

FREMONT, CA, USA, January 30, 2024 / — System Elite Technology, (“System Elite”), a Fremont CA startup since 2019, announces at the DesignCon 2024 the release of its Smart IoT System-on-Chip (SoC) Technology Platform. Leveraging its extensive MCU and wireless know-how, System Elite developed the SoC Technology platform for efficient development in the fast-paced Smart IoT market.

The customizable SoC Technology Platform, tailored to Smart IoT markets, includes the best-in-class Arm & RISC-V cores, connectivity subsystem, AI accelerator, PSA certified on-chip IoT security, power-saving management, and audio subsystem. The platform also includes software development tools (SDK & API) for customer to easily integrate unique features with optimized performance and power efficiency. This platform is catering to customers with limited resources and budget, and provides an accessible path to a fully customized AIoT SoC with IoT connectivity.

System Elite partners with tier-one IP companies, foundries, protocol stacks and EDA tool vendors to provide the silicon proven solutions for quick time-to-market and yet customized System-on-Chip products.

“System Elite, as a virtual IC design team to system companies, enables medium or small system companies to own a custom SoC at a fraction of a typical NRE cost while reducing the development time”, says Warren Kao, CEO of System Elite. “By having the ability to own a customized SoC, a system company is able to directly control of the production and capacity utilization. Thus, alleviate the supply disruption that many system companies suffered during the pandemic era due to the long lead time from most MCU companies.”

At the DesignCon, System Elite will showcase an easy migration path for system companies from Raspberry Pi prototyping to a customized SoC including an AI-enhanced hardware noise cancellation, a flexible AI compiler for various vertical applications, and a path to more SoC customization options.

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System Elite Technology, established in 2019 with teams in Taiwan and Fremont, California, is a System-on-Chip (SoC) design partner for medium or small companies in the Smart IoT markets. Dedicated to IoT Connectivity SoC designs through its innovative IoT SoC design service platform (iSoC foundry), System Elite provides the most efficient and least effort to develop each and every custom SoC for customers based on customer specific applications.

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